1.Zoom-In to your location
2.Place a marker on your location
3.Get ID and share with people
Generate ID
Let's GO

Get Connected.
Get app and get more features. The app helps you mark nearby places to your current location and can provide navigation direction using built-in Maps App.

Why ?
Is someone coming to your place first time ?
You may use your location ID along with your address to help people reach you easily.
Are you running a business ?
Is it difficult for your customers to find you? Give them your location ID.
Planning an event ?
You dont have to communicate the location. Your location ID will help you.
Do you love to travel ?
Share all the amazing places you have been to.

How does it work ?
A location on map is identified by its Latitude and Longitude. You zoom-in to a location, place a marker on it and click generate ID we receive latitude and longitude of that location and we map it to a location ID. When you share that location ID and someone query for it, we provide latitude, longitude mapped to that location ID and display it on map.
An easy way to show people exact location of places on map.

Does it even help ?

Pawan, New-Delhi.

Komal maltesh gadgoli, Chennai.

Samjeet Roy, Mumbai.

Arjun Thakur, Pune.